Peninsula Cellars Wine

The Northern Michigan sun, rain, wind, and soil, all under the watchful eye of the grower, are what make our wines so exceptional.



Strawberry- 5.5% ABV–  Hard apple cider delicately infused with fresh strawberries.

Pucker Up – 5.5% ABV– A hard cider and wine blend infused with fresh local raspberries.

Peachy Keen- 5.5% ABV– A mix of McIntosh apples and a delicious peach juice.

Gold Rush-5.5% ABV- Hard cider aged in bourbon barrels, sweetened with local maple syrup.

Cinnamon Swirl- 5.5% ABV– Grandma Joan’s sweet apple pie in a can or keg.

Pineapple- 5.5% ABV– A delicious hard apple cider with a splash of tropical pineapple.

Evil Ways- 5.5% ABV– Mix cherries and habaneros with our tasty blend of apple and cherry cider for a bit of sweet and a bit of heat,